Selling or buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you'll
be making during your lifetime.  
Don't let the wrong agent screw it up
for you!

Whether you use a real estate agent to help you a little or a lot, choose
the agent who will work best for you.  
Don't settle for an agent who
won't represent you and only you!

Find the agent with the business plan and marketing methods that best
satisfy your needs and wants.  
Don't get stuck with a job that's half-
done because of an agent's lack of experience and commitment!

Find the agent with a proven track record and a personality that you are
comfortable with.  
Don't risk having a bad real estate experience due
to  lack of results and personality conflicts!

There's no shortage of real estate agents out there and some of them
may put their interests ahead of yours.  
 So ask the right questions and
get the right answers before hiring an agent to work for you
Now, from veteran real estate broker Larry Stoller
comes a practical book that clearly shows you
how to find and choose the real estate agent
who will do the best job for you.
For Sellers and Buyers
For Sellers and Buyers
For Brokers and Agents
Be Agent Right for every one of your rela estate agents.